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Ratnapark Paubhandar Titaura Combo

Ratnapark Paubhandar Titaura Combo
Ratnapark Paubhandar Titaura Combo

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Introducing a delightful assortment of popular Nepali treats from Ratnapark Pau Bhandar - the Titaure Candies Combo!

With the unique and bold flavors that encompass sweet, salty, spicy, and soury elements, creating a sensory experience that's truly one-of-a-kind. These beloved treats are not just candies; they're a flavorful journey that makes for the perfect snacking gift for your loved ones. The  combo consists of :

  1. Lapsi Candy
  2. Bechi Titaura
  3. Tukra Piro Titaura
  4. Round Candy Titaura
  5. Charpate Masala Titaura

*Disclaimer: As per the availability of these products in the market the assorted assortment can include the newly accessible variety of products as well.

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