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Sweet Chocolate Delights

Sweet Chocolate Delights
Sweet Chocolate Delights

Limited Delivery within Katmandu Valley.
Eligible for same-day delivery if the order is placed by 12:00 pm NST.


Gift a basket of chocolates to the ones who make your life sweeter. Be it a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, or any other occasion, this is an ideal gift item for your friends and family. This basket consists of:

  1.  5 kitkat (28.3 gms each)
  2.  5 5star (22.4gms each)
  3. 6 DairyMilk silk (60 gms each)
  4. 16pcs Ferrero rocher (200gms)

*Disclaimer:As per the availability of these chocolates in the market the assorted basket can include newly accessible flavored chocolate as well.

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