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Chocolate Lover's Delight Basket-900gm

Chocolate Lover's Delight Basket-900gm
Chocolate Lover's Delight Basket-900gm

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Want to gift loads of delicious chocolates to the person you love the most? Then this can be the best pick for you. Here are the delectable chocolate varieties arranged beautifully to mesmerize the intended person.
This colossal-appearing assorted basket is composed of some of the followings labels meeting the nett wt of 900gm*

  1. Bounty 57 g
  2. Cadbury Fuse 25g
  3. Snickers 50 g
  4. Nestle Kitkat Dessert Delight 50g
  5. M&M's 80 g
  6. Tango Fruit & Nuts 40g
  7. Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly- 60g
  8. Nestle Kit Kat Chunky - 40 g
  9. Cadbury 5 star 43
  10. Dairy Milk Silk Oreo 60g
  11. Nestle KitKat 37.3 g
  12. Tango Almond Cokolat Sebastian 140g
  13. Nestle KitKat Chunky 40 g
  14. Lindt Swiss Chocolate 100g
  15. Tango Milk Chocolate Bar 140 g

*Disclaimer: As per the availability of these chocolates in the market the assorted basket can include newly accessible flavored chocolate as well.

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