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Chicco Baby Care Gift Set

Chicco Baby Care Gift Set
Chicco Baby Care Gift Set

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Gift this Chicco Baby Care Gift Set to the mother to pamper the little bundle of joy.  Chicco baby products are gentle, safe, and nourish the  baby’s skin and hair for healthy growth.This amalgamation consists of:

  1.  Chicco Natural Sensation Liquid Talc (Blue, 100ml)
  2. Chicco Baby moments Massage Oil 200ml
  3. Chicco Baby Moments Body Lotion 500 ml
  4. Chicco Baby Anti-Mosquito Spray - 100 ml
  5. Chicco New Baby Nail Scissors

*Disclaimer: As per the availability of these products in the market the assorted assortment can include the newly accessible variety of products as well.

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