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Bougainvillea Big

Bougainvillea Big
Bougainvillea Big

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The Bougainvillea plants are categorized as tropical ornamental vine-like shrubs. They are found in bursts of colors; ranging from reds, pink, white, yellow, purple and magenta. Bougainvillea’s were mostly seen as decorative additions to gardens but now are being quickly popular as potted  indoor houseplants!

Plant care:

  • Light: Needs bright full sun for at least 5-6 hours every day in order to bloom.
  • Water: The soil of the bougainvillea dries out completely, and then tends to water. 
  • Soil: Bougainvillea Plants need loamy soil and require organic mix potting.
  • Fertilizer: Fertilize monthly when the plant is in bloom with a special bougainvillea or hibiscus plant food high in iron and micronutrients.
  • Humidity: Thrives in  high humidity.

*Disclaimer- Actual plant may vary from the image shown as it is a natural plant and will vary from piece to piece. Pot color may vary from the image shown due to photographic effects.

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