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Selaginella Kraussiana

By: Thamel.com / SKA-IAG-007


A fern like plant with a compact spreading habit and small branching golden foliage is a perfect example of how good things come in small package. Surprise your loved ones with this adorable potted plant gift.

Plant care


Selagiinella thrives well in bright indirect Light. Direct sunlight can scorch their leaves.


Follow Drying out in between watering. Excess water can be detrimental.


The Soil need to be fertile and well drained where there is no water logging. Fertile soil rich in humus can be prepared.


A Selaginella plant needs very little plant food. Feed twice a year, once in april and once in july, with a Water soluble fertilizer diluted to ½ the recommended strength. Do not fertilize newly potted Selaginella plants for at least two months.

Disclaimer*:Actual plant may vary from the image shown as it is a natural plant and will vary piece to piece. Pot color may vary from image shown due to photographic effects.

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