On- Call Extra Gluco Meter with test strips

By: Thamel.com / OCE-MED-001


An advanced and user friendly blood glucose monitoring system with reliable testing and clinically proven accuracy.

Key Specifications:

Advanced Biosensor Technology for Fast and Accurate Glucose Testing

  • Glucose Oxidase (GOD) is more safe and zero interference from maltose, galactose and Xylose.
  • Only 0.4 µL sample
  • HCT range of 30-55%
  • Up to 5 daily reminders
  • Hypo, hyper, and ketone alarms
  • Test Averaging 7, 14, 30, 60, 90-day averages
  • 300 test memories
  • Test strip shelf life of 24 months; Open canister shelf life of 6 months
  • Auto calibration circuitry inside every strip
  • Can be set to MG/DL to MMOL/L
  • Accurate results that comply with ISO15197
  • 50Strips supplied - perfect for infrequent users


40.99 USD