Kabsa at Tasneem's Kings Kitchen Indian Restaurant

By: Thamel Dot Com / KBSA-TKK-001

Kabsa – A King’s Feast

Your first invitation in a family party in Middle East will most likely involve serving of a Kabsa.

The national dish of Yemen, Kabsa, is enjoyed all across the middle east. It is a rice-based dish served with large portions of meat – chicken, lamb or goat. The special thing about this rice and meat dish is the way it is cooked and the spices used.

At Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen, Kabsa is served on single big thaal. At the base is a bed of creamy chicken pulao with a tender, succulent, slow-cooked Raan in the center and generously topped with tender kebabs and tikkas of six different kinds and served with sinfully rich red curry.

As always, good food deserves good company of a warm family and generous friends. Enjoy the traditional Kabsa meal with your loved ones and cherish the moment together.

Kabsa is served for groups starting from minimum 6 people at the Indian restaurant: Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen.

Location: Jhamshikhel Road, Lalitpur, Nepal 44600

Price: $10.99 per person

Please place your order at minimum 24 hours ahead.


65.99 USD