Mother's Wellness Package

By: Chirayu National Hospital / CHI-PACK-001

What can be more amazing than gifting HEALTH to a MOTHER in Mother's Day

Packages Includes:

Tests / Full Form / What it helps to diagnose

- CBC / Complete Blood Count / Anemia infection
- FBS / Fasting Blood Sugar / Blood Sugar Level
- KFT / Kidney Function Test / Function of Kidney
- Lipid Profile / Lipid Profile / Cholesterol level, Triglyceride Level
- LFT / Liver Function Test / Function of Liver
- TFT / Thyroid Function Test / Hormone Level of Thyroid Gland
- Uric Acid / Uric Acid / Gout
- Pap Smear / Pap Smear / Screening of Cervical Cancer
- Stool Routine / Stool Routine / Parasitic Infection
- Urine Routine / Urine Routine / Sugar, Protein excretion
- ECG / Electrocardiogram / Function of heart
- Chest X-Ray / Chest X-Ray / Function of Lungs
- USG / Ultra sonogram / Function of Abdominal Organs

Note: Doctor's Consultation is also included in this package


6999 NRS

Not available for Outside Kathmandu Valley

Delivery Options

Inside Kathmandu Ring Road: FREE

Outside Kathmandu Ring Road: $5.00

Outside Kathmandu Valley: $7.00

Free Digital photo Confirmation (for deliveries in KTM only)

Please place your orders at least 24 hrs in advance for flawless Delivery


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