Bohra Thaal at Tasneem's Kings Kitchen

By: Thamel Dot Com / BTL-TKK-001

The Bohras believe that after faith and culture, it is food that brings and binds us together. Bohra Thaal is a traditional 10 course meal that typically accommodates eight people. The entire meal is dined out of one platter called the thaal. The thaal is not placed until at least one person is seated and food is only served after all eight diners are present because the portions served are just right for eight. The meal consists of a mix of sweet and savoury veg and non-veg dishes and can be altered or customised as per group preferences.

As always, good food deserves good company of a warm family and generous friends. Enjoy the traditional Bohra thaal with your loved ones and cherish the moment together.

Bohra Thaal is served for groups starting from minimum 8 people at the Indian restaurant: Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen.

Location: Jhamshikhel Road, Lalitpur, Nepal 44600

Price: $13.99 per person

Please place your order at minimum 24 hours ahead.


111.99 USD