Birthdays are really special... so are you!

By: Archies / AR-CR-004


On the Cover:

Birthdays are really special... so are you!

Inside Message:

First page:
To From
Second page:
We look forward to birthdays because of what they have in store for us- happiness, laughter and good times.
Third page:
They give us chance to set new goals for the life ahead
Forth and Fifth page:
Birthdays make us see the beauty of the life that we live each day and appreciate its unique pattern.
Sixth Page:
They give us a chance to sit back, relax and do what our heart desires.
Seventh page:
They let us pamper ourselves. Birthdays are a special occasion to let us know how much we're loved and cared for.
Eighth page:
May your birthday bring the special things that set a day apart... a dream come true, a wish dear to your heart.
Ninth page:
Celebrate... It's your day!

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