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Farlin Cotton Buds Ultra Thin Paper 190
Code: BCB-006
Paper-Stem Cotton Buds.
High Quality Cotton and Ultra Thin Paper Cotton Swab.
Firm stem made of environment-friendly paper.
Content: 190 pieces
Himalaya Baby Diaper Rash Cream 50 Gm
Code: HBDRC50
Product Features:
Inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
Deeply moisturises baby's skin and makes it supple
Hypoallergenic & dermatologically tested for utmost safety
Farlin Feeding Bottle 4OZ 818
Makes self-feeding possible at a young age possible. Convenient for parents and effortless for babies.
The handle is specially designed to prevent unpleasant pinching and to fit comfortably in your baby's hands.
Bottle neck has smooth inner surface making it easier to clean and will not retain milk and dust particles.
High-quality, durable silicone nipple included.
Unique Handle can hang on the stroller or use accompanying with hanger;
more convenient to carry.
Both-hand handle design is convenient for both hands use.
Removable handle.
To Use:
Unscrew the feeding bottle cap, place the handle onto the feeding bottle.
Put the liquid inside the bottle, and screw on the feeding bottle cap well. Then the bottle is ready for the baby to feed itself.
Hold the handle only when the bottle screw cap is screwed on.
Test strength of the nipple by pulling on the bulb portion before each use. In rare circumstance that a crack, tear or puncture may appear, replace immediately.
Paying care to the safety and of your baby, an adult should accompany it and do not allow it for feeding milk alone.
Do not put sweet beverages in the feeding bottle for baby's suction in long-term, to avoid decayed tooth.
To Clean:
Before the use for the first time and after each use, please wash and sterilize it. Remove every parts for thoroughly cleaning. Store it in a dry place and container with cover.
Please clean with a mild cleansers and hot water using a bottle and nipple brush. Can be sterilized by boiling water, steam, or microwave sterilization set.
Punching bar:
Put the bar through the nipple center hole in order to re-open the closed hole.
Farlin Wet Wipes For Hand And Mouth
Farlin Wet Wipe for Hand and Mouth cleans away the dirt and protects delicate skin for your baby.
Key Features:
Super pure water and 100% food-grade ingredients.
Xylitol added for oral cavity cleaning & freshening effect.
Fluorescence-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, preservative free, no stimulation on skin.
Fragrance-free preservative free.
With unique easy to open lid design.
Farlin Powder Puff Free Drop
Revolutionary design of built-in powder case provides continuous powder puffing for more convenience.
Easily control the amount of powder needed.
Feather like touch to your baby's tender skin.


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